Saturday, June 4, 2016

Tourist Attractions not to miss when in NYC!

3 June 2016
Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! I have been MIA on this these past few days because of work and all. But I'm back! Well yesterday, since me and Stephen both did not work, we decided to hit of course NYC to see what there was to do! We love going there because every time we go, we always see something we previously have not seen before. Also, we have been very motivated to make steps since it is calculated by our Fitbits so city walking deff kept us moving.

Places we visited: 
・The Ainsworth 
・Mr. Throwback 
・Metropolis Apparel
・10 Below
Stephen too busy on his cellphone!
The Ainsworth
Since we arrived there by lunchtime, we decided to stop by a restaurant called The Ainsworth. 
Previously before coming here, we stumbled upon a video on Facebook of a delicious unique Mac and Cheese burger, which is offered in this location. We knew we had to have it! Since the lunch menu runs from 11am to 4pm, we got an amazing deal. For 16$, we received a starter, one entrée and one non-alcoholic beverage. The starter and the entrée were served in smaller portions, but it was delicious and got both of us full for the rest of the day. 
35 minute walk from Grand Central!

Starter: Chicken Avocado Cobb Salad

Looked and Tasted Amazing!
*: descriptions from their website

StarterKale Caesar Salad

*: descriptions from their website
"One of the best burgers I have ever ate and I'm not a burger person" 
                             Next stop: Mr. Throwback
Stephen has been really interested in vintage shirts recently and we decided to stop by this location. 
It is basically a thrift shop that has a lot of old school t-shirts, jackets, jerseys, and hats. They also had a small location for some wrestling figures, old baseball cards, games and movies. It was a very small location, but it was very cool! Stephen bought a Road Dogg "Doggy Style" vintage WWF shirt that dated back to 1998. 
Following Stop: Metropolis Apparel
This location was much larger and had a vast collection of old jerseys, t-shirts, jeans, foot-wear, and jackets. Even though we did not buy anything, we thought it was a very cool location.

We stopped by a lot of stores in SOHO, but
 our final destination was 10 Below!
10 Below serves Thai-inspired ice cream rolls.
When we arrived there, there was quite a long line, but it went pretty quickly. We were to choose from the numbers 1-8 (below) of the ice cream flavor we would like and have to give our name. They write it in a cup and when our name is called, we get to see a cool show of our ice cream. 
One size, unlimited toppings, cool show = $7.

Left (Me): #2 Monkey Business w/ strawberries, whipped cream, caramel, and granola
Right (Stephen): #4 Cookie Monster w/ strawberries, nilla wafers, graham crackers, and a chocolate drizzle

My outfit:
Cashmere Sweater (similar to this one)
Thong Sandals (here) but also (here)

Overall, for the day I did:
Steps: 26, 361
Distance walked: 11 miles
Calories burnt: 2573

Fitbit Charge HR is being sold here for 21 dollars off regular price!

Hope you all have a fine rest of the day!

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  1. Great roundup of tips! And I really love those food shots (even though they're making me have intense cravings right now!)

    xo, Abby
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