Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Good morning guys.... or Good evening?
The inspiration for this post came from my obsession with "What's in my bag" videos on youtube! I enjoy watching them so much, so I decided to show you guys what I have in my backpack!
I currently own the "Classic Nylon Clay" from Kate Spade.
(Picture from Kate Spade) 

In the front left pocket, I have the most essential items. 
• mirror
• gum
• lip balm 
• hair ties & bobby pins 
• headphones

In the front middle pocket, I have
• wallet
• pill bottle with quarters

In the front right pocket, I have 
• keys 
• phone charger 

Inside the backpack itself, I have 
• laptop charger 
• laptop itself (not photographed)
• planner
• emergency bag 

The hand sanitizer is hung on the string that closes and opens the bag.

Inside the emergency bag

Well... yes I carry a lot of things in my backpack! I carry around a lot of items I think I might need in case of an emergency or just feel like I should not get out of the house without. I was not always like this (tbh)

Quick dumb story:
I was heading to my dentist appointment and I was running late. This was my first time going to this location and I found a street meter parking right next to the location. I never carried cash and/or change. Now I had to go to an ATM and then exchange my cash for change. Then to my luck, the meter parking was only for 15 minute parking, so I had to go find another parking lot (they all needed quarters). So I finally parked and stuff.
*skips* So I checked my bank application and I realized that my bank charged me an additional fee for using an ATM! So now I lost 5$+ for not having two quarters, which made me very angry because because I hate wasting unnecessary money on things that could have been avoided.
So from that moment on, I prepare for most scenarios that are thrown in my direction.

What are some of your bag essentials you carry daily?


  1. Lots of important things that are useful throughout the day. That's really too bad about the parking meter. they can be a real pain!!


  2. Wow! Your backpack is so organised!
    I just throw everything in any old way, which means it is really difficult to find things!
    How annoying about the parking meter - I hate wasting money on things like that too!
    Julia x


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