Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bugz's first birthday!

Bugz has been a part of our lives for six months now and yesterday was his first birthday. According to some sources, he is ten years old in bunny world. It is amazing to see how he started off, he was so distant, would be so attentive, and would not eat around us. Now, he is very comfortable and starts jumping around when he sees us. Having a bunny as a pet is not like owning a cat and dog, it is quite different. They don't bark or meow, they do not nudge you when they need to pee or enjoy a litter box. We watched many videos on Youtube about how to pick him up, how we should care for him, how to make his perfect home because they're not your usual pet. Through these months, we got the experience to care for such an amazing animal, pet, and friend. 



... So for Bugz's first birthday, Stephen and I threw Bugz a little birthday party.

"What is going on???" - Bugz

Bugz wearing his party hat!
Featured in the picture:
• Three cupcakes
• Cupcake shaped mineral treat 
• Four candy shaped mineral treats
Carrot shaped toy
•  Lava Block chew toy

Squad eating their cupcakes! 

We do not let Bugz eat the entire treat, we allow him to chew 
it a couple of times and take it away from him. He gets too crazy 
when treats are involved!

The Beauty after the Madness! 


  1. Your bunny is so cute! Love your pictures<3


  2. Really cute but doesn't he feels lonely? :( everyone needs a mate


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