Wednesday, May 18, 2016

DIY chicken pizza at home!

17 May 2016
Hi everyone! Me and Stephen were very hungry yesterday, so we decided to create our own DIY pizza from stuff we had available at our use. These are the ingredients we used that made it taste so delicious, but of course you can always use bits and pieces of the recipe and make your own style! 

What you will need
・Two breads (which you can cut in half and make four slices) 
・Tomato sauce (any brand)
・Grated parmesan cheese
・Four slices of Mozarella cheese 
・Two slices of American cheese 
・Diced onions
・Onion powder
・Chicken breast
・Garlic powder 
・Table grind black pepper
・A Toaster
・A Pan 

To save time, start off by marinating your chicken breast. We used salt, garlic powder, onion powder,
and table grind black pepper. Once marinated, cook it in the pan. 
Once done, cut the chicken breast to little cubes. You can put these to the side while you start your pizza!

Excuse my bread cutting skills haha!
・Apply tomato sauce all over the four slices of bread

・Cut your two slices of American cheese into small squares
・Apply diced onions and the squares of American cheese to each slice of bread

・If available, apply a decent portion of grated parmesan cheese to each
slice of bread for more flavor.

・You can now add your chicken cubes to the bread slices!

・Top it off with a slice of mozarella cheese on each slice of bread.

・If your preference is crunchy pizza, leave it in the toaster for 20 minutes.
・If your preference is soft pizza, leave it in the toaster for 10 minutes. 

Hope you guys enjoy your pizzas! 


  1. This looks sooo good..I need to make!

  2. This looks yummy!

  3. Make this at home!!! :)

  4. Home made pizzas are the best. And those look delicious :)



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