Saturday, May 14, 2016

Outback Steakhouse, Hotel Breakfast & La Casita Miramar in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hi everyone! I finished my second semester of college this week and was finally able to have time to write this blogpost. 
So this is a continuation of my Puerto Rico 2015 Post. 
This deserved a second post because I am an unofficial food critic hahahah! 
28 July 2016
Our dinner for the day was Outback Steakhouse. 
It is a chain restaurant, has over 900 locations, and this was my first time trying it.  Overall I really enjoyed this restaurant and the experience. The waiter was nice, but the service was quite slow. The taste of the food, however, made up for the service. 
I got the Baby Back Ribs with a baked potato on the side. 
According to their website, the ribs are "smoked, wood-fire grilled and brushed with a tangy BBQ sauce." 
The ribs were very delicious and left me wanting more. The BBQ sauce was really good.The baked potato was stuffed with sour cream, mixed cheeses, chives, butter and bacon bits. So delicious!
In the background: Stephen's mac & cheese. He loved it!

29 July 2015
I have never stayed at a Hotel, so this was a different experience for me. We were to wake up early, so it wouldn't be so busy. 
There were two lines, the cook-to-order omelet line & the buffet type where we can pick and choose what we want. I was really impressed by all the variation they had in the Embassy Suites Hotel, from oatmeal to yogurt to fruits to french toast. 
I got fruits (cantaloupes & melons), french toast with syrup, scrambled eggs, Light & fit yogurt, cereal with milk and a cup of fruit punch. 
Yes... very fulfilling breakfast. 

For Stephen's mom's birthday, we went to La Casita Miramar.
They did not have an official menu because they change their menu daily. What they had for dinner was written in a big chalkboard, which I felt was different but was not very helpful. It was hard to read, but the waiter explained what was on the chalkboard. I personally felt that if the menu was printed with a description of the food, it would be much easier to order. 
The food was quite pricey! I was not the biggest fan of this place, but I thought the ambiance of the restaurant was very nice. It looked like a traditional home. 
Me (dish on the right): 
The drink was Sangria. Not a fan of it. 
The food
I got a portion of rice, a side of kidney beans, and some type of meat. 
I thought the food was quite overpriced, but I guess it's just a tourist thing haha.
The garnish was nice!!

Stephen (dish on the left):
He got a chuleta with a side of rice and kidney beans.
His thoughts on his food were
• "Quality Puertorican food"
• "A lot of garnish"
•"It was really good"
•"My grandma does it better though" 

We ate in a couple other restaurants, but the pictures somehow got lost. 
Puerto Rico was a great experience and I truly recommend going there for vacation with friends or family. 
Have a happy Saturday!

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