Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Coconut the Banana

17 August 2013

When your boyfriend loves you so much that he spends 140$ on a carnival game to win you the largest banana ever. 
So... this is what happen.
So it was a basketball type of game. You have to get the ball in the hoop two times and you win some of the huge prizes that they had. They had humongous jalapeños, bananas, and monkeys. The lady said that without playing the game, the banana alone costs $120 and that is an option if we just want to purchase the banana. But the rules of the game was, for 10$ you get two tries to get the ball inside the hoop. So Stephen decides to play "just one time" and by luck gets the ball into the hoop on his first try! So hooray right? It's easy, so just one more ball in and we take a banana home? Not hooray! 
So after many many many failed and devastating tries, HE GOT IT IN! I obviously told him to continuously stop but boys are boys. They do not want to stop till they accomplish what they want to do. Currently, Coconut the Banana is being hung in the hallway at my house and greets everyone as they come through the door. 

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