Saturday, April 23, 2016

Insomnia Cookies NYC

  22 April 2016
 Me and Stephen are constantly at the city! We go frequently since he has gigs there, TO EAT, or just to be little tourists and explore places we have not yet seen. I love the idea of Insomnia Cookies and they open around noon till 3 AM, which is amazing. If I lived in NYC, I would deff go sneakingly late at night for some freshly baked cookies!
Yesterday me and Stephen drove to Halal and decided to stop by Insomnia Cookies. He went previously and brought me back cookies, but this is the first time I actually went to the location. The location is very small, but very casual. As you order what you want, the cookies come right off the oven and are so warm and soft. The cookies are inexpensive, $1.50 for regular flavors and $3 for the deluxe cookies. 

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